Re: disabling header compression

On 2013-12-13 07:41, Roberto Peon wrote:
> These things are all possible with ALPN.

ALPN, ALPN, ALPN!  I'm hearing a *lot* of dependency being placed on 
ALPN capabilities.
Are we designing HTTP/2 as a protocol or as a set of ALPN extensions?

I rather think we need to avoid locking so much HTTP/2 feature 
dependency into an *optional* extension feature of a protocol which only 
covers a sub-set of the HTTP use-cases. ALPN provides a performance 
optimization for starting HTTPS (both 1.x and 2.0), very little else.

If something does not work on HTTP/2-over-TCP without an intermediary 
protocol layer, even inefficiently, then it does not meet requirements 
implicit in section 2 of the HTTP/2 specification.

2. HTTP/2.0 Protocol Overview

    HTTP/2.0 provides an optimized transport for HTTP semantics.

    An HTTP/2.0 connection is an application level protocol running on
    top of a TCP connection ([TCP]).  The client is the TCP connection
... *TCP* ... no mention of mandatory TLS there, or anywhere else in 
section 2.*.

Please stop assuming non-TCP layers underneath HTTP/2.


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