Re: HTTP/2.0 draft, NPN/ALPN, and TLS

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 2:58 AM, Chris Burdess <> wrote:

> SPDY deployment is basically 100% Google.

 that's not right.

. spdy is in (listed in order of appearance) chrome, firefox, opera, and
ie. Its supported on the server side at google, twitter, facebook,
wordpress, in nginx, as an apache module, and by at least one cdn. Its in
F5 Big IP and (I think) the citrix load balancer product too. sdpy has been
shown to work and the engineers who have done that work have gotten
together in this forum to create an open specification for it.

I think an ipsec multiplexed web browser would be awesome - I encourage you
to go build one, measure it, find as many other people interested in
standardization and bring the results here. I'd be very interested in that

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