Re: Proxy User Stories


LadleNet is a DIY project started by some engineering students which has
grown to span a large metropolitan area. True to its DIY roots the
network is still comprised of a large ad-hoc collection of commercial
devices mixed with home made networking kit or all kinds. Connectivity
within the network is primarily wireless or wired but also includes
other experimental Thing-Thing connectivity relay points added randomly
by users. Underlying link protocols vary widely but are mapped to either
TCP or UDP packets my model software depending on the bandwidth reliability.

HTTP traffic over this unruly collection is governed by a combined
captive-portal and explicit proxy system CookieJar. It is multi-homed in
the truest sense of the word with each users ISP connection providing a
portal to the rest of the Internet with varying amount of available
bandwidth and speed. A custom Ant routing algorithm uses these metrics
along with blacklist rules and PAYG credits exchanged with all
neighbourhood nodes for generating route rules.

Each local household uses explicit proxy configuration on their
end-devices to connect to their node, and other nodes use ad-hoc
discovery via the Ant protocol to connect as well. For security messages
classified as private travelling over LadleNet are always encrypted
individually. But sufficient information to identify final routing
destination and categorize the traffic is always left exposed publicly.
Other messages are always unencrypted. Nodes include AV scanner and
policing software checking classifications randomly.


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