Re: What will incentivize deployment of explicit proxies?

Am Tue, 3 Dec 2013 10:53:26 -0800
schrieb William Chan (ι™ˆζ™Ίζ˜Œ) <>:

> <pushback>
> I can probably expect to be tarred and feathered by my security team
> if I tell them we need to put up a UI asking the end user to make a
> decision about security :)
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Yes, that's the problem with your security team. Talking about security
for the end user, but the one party that has no saying is the end user.

Talking as an end user: It is me, and only me, who decides whom to
trust in which respect and to what extend. It is not your security team.

Sure, there are users who don't care. And there are lot of users who
can't make informed decisions, because all the necessary information is
hidden from them, many times by UI-experts who work based on the dogma
that users are stupid.


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