2014 Meeting planning

We currently have a meeting planned in Zurich:

... and doubtless we'll have at least one session in London as well:

I've had a few people asking whether we'll be piggybacking an Interim meeting next to the London meeting (like we did for Berlin), so that they can do appropriate travel planning.

While it's a little early to say for sure, I think we'll need at least one Interim beyond Zurich.

So, I'd like to hear if people think it'd be useful to have an Interim adjacent to the London meeting (provided we can find a suitable space, which I think shouldn't be horribly difficult). 

Likely topics would be any remaining issues in the "core" protocol and a continuation of the security discussion (e.g., opportunistic encryption, explicit proxy). If there's time for another round of drafts and implementation, we'll also do an interop / QA session.

If we did this, the format would likely be two to three days; e.g., if it were the week beforehand, it'd be Wednesday to Friday, stopping at lunchtime on Friday so that interested parties could go to <https://www.w3.org/2014/strint/>.

If not, we'll probably push the next Interim to something like either late April or early June, location TBD.

Feel free to respond on-list or privately.


Mark Nottingham   http://www.mnot.net/

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