Re: #305 Header ordering

Le Lun 25 novembre 2013 07:39, Jeff Pinner a écrit :
> My $.02,
> We've seen '\0' delineation work well and I'm not sure what we gain by
> changing it to ','
> If an intermediary is going to fold multiple headers because it isn't sure
> that order is important (especially for headers that do not allow commas)
> then I would prefer to be able to reconstruct the original as faithfully
> as
> possible.

Actually, it would be nice to reserve an external separator in http/2, so
bits like user-agents can be logged without playing quoting games. Surely
utf-8 space is big enough to reserve a bloody separator?

(it's not for nefarious monitoring, it's to detect the broken clients that
break the service for everyone, and logging http headers that can contain
spaces when the default apache log format is space separated is killing
tools as soon as you try to query millions of lines that need unquoting)


Nicolas Mailhot

Received on Tuesday, 26 November 2013 09:46:12 UTC