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> Le Lun 18 novembre 2013 04:12, Mark Nottingham a écrit :
>> * We can compromise and agree upon when and where HTTP/2 can be used for
>> http:// URLs (e.g., for .local and RFC1918 addresses, and/or when
>> alternate mechanisms for important aspects of security are layered in,
>> whether that's opportunistic encryption or something else). This is where
>> I think more discussion will help.
> I'm not sure one can identify "internal" addresses technically. "Internal"
> corporate wans can be quite large and span multiple continents and address
> classes

This sketch of a proposal wasn’t meant to address that case; it’s more for local / home printers, IoT, etc.

There’s a parallel discussion of “explicit proxies” that is more aimed at the enterprise case, as I understand it. That has very different properties that we need to figure out, of course. 


Mark Nottingham

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