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On 18/11/2013, at 2:09 PM, James M Snell <> wrote:

> Well,  from what I've seen in this thread so far, only the idea of a new url scheme seems unpopular.  The idea of having a dedicated port for plaintext http/2 has received several mentions of support. Nevertheless,  the proposal was relevant to the conversation so I brought it up again.  Definitely seems like positions haven't changed so I'll go ahead and not mention it again.

Yep, a new port hasn't been ruled out, and there's been some interest in the past. 

Personally, I suspect that *if* we have a mechanism to direct a connection to anther host or port (whether that's Alt-Svc or something completely different), it might make sense to define a default port for it, to make firewalls' jobs easier.


Mark Nottingham

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