on the long-term viability of http/1.1 as a fall-back option

Hi all again

another thing that has been bugging me is the number of comments about 
just using http/1.1 in such and such a use case where e.g. crypto is not 

IMO this may work in the short term, but as more of the internet moves 
to http/2.0 which hopefully will solve some other security and 
performance issues with the current web, there will be increased 
pressure to turn off http/1.1 in corporate networks if only to minimise 
risk of continued exposure to those issues.

So I don't think relying on indefinite continued availability of 
http/1.1 versions or infrastructure is realistic - at least not in the 
extent to which it is currently deployed.


Received on Sunday, 17 November 2013 23:20:56 UTC