Re: [apps-discuss] FYI: LINK and UNLINK

On 2013-11-06 17:18, James M Snell wrote:
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>>> Regarding the main question about whether or not to include target
>>> attributes in the uniqueness constraint, the question becomes: which
>>> target attributes should be considered?
>> All of them?
> "All of them" becomes impractical for the reasons I've already given,
> particularly without clearly defined, viable, non-theoretical use
> cases.

I don't understand how "all of them" can be impractical when "two of 
them" works.

Furthermore, how does the (current) lack of a use case affect the 

> That said, here's a compromise: Let's expand the uniqueness constraint
> to include anchor, hreflang and type. Doing so ought to cover the vast
> overwhelming majority of the possibly viable use cases. I can also say
> that the server MUST consider the remaining target attributes to be
> significant in that, *if* the server chooses to surface those links in
> some representable manner, the most recently received values for those
> MUST be included. Is that better?

I don't think it resolves the issue...

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Best regards, Julian

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