Re: Question on flow control for a single file transfer

Maybe flow control is off until the receiver sends its first window update.
If the connection is used for a single file transfer, then no flow control
will take place. Also, if the receiver never experiences back pressure
(meaning its never unable to absorb the data at the rate it is received),
then flow control never has to happen.


On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 4:13 PM, Martin Thomson <>wrote:

> On 4 November 2013 16:08, Roberto Peon <> wrote:
> > I'll point out again, that the proposal of ignoring flow control at any
> time
> > implies that one MUST have a synchronization event when one transitions
> from
> > ignoring to adhering to flow control.
> We do not have this mechanism.  Unless it is added, there is no way
> that you can restart flow control.  I haven't seen any desire to add
> such a mechanism.  The best way I know of to restart flow control is
> to send GOAWAY and to start a new connection.

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