Re: HPACK encoder/decoder memory bounding

On 25 October 2013 11:11, Fred Akalin <> wrote:
> SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE is already special, since it requires an ack. It
> doesn't seem that much more onerous to make it negotiable.

All settings require an ACK.

> Remember that the setting applies to both contexts, so the other endpoint is
> forced to keep a full-size context for the decoding state, or close the
> connection. That doesn't seem good.

An encoder is not forced to track the entire table.  It only needs to
track the entries it wishes to use again.

Unless it wants to use the static table, in which case it has to track
the size of all the entries.  But it has a measure of control over
that too, since it decides what is added to the table in the first

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