HPACK encoder/decoder memory bounding

Based on my understanding, the encoder and decoder have to have the exact same value for max-header-table-size so that the indices match.  So if the client advertises SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE=5MB then that means the client-decoder is using a header-table with maxsize=5MB.  Which means the server-encoder also has to use a header-table of maxsize=5MB.  But if the server only wants to use 4KB of encoder space then after storing 4KB worth of header name/values, it can only reuse from the initially stored 4KB or emit literals (either as-is or Huffman encoded).

So it seems to bound its memory usage, the server (in the above example) has to be choosy in what it adds to the server-encoder header-table because once something is added it cannot be removed (unless it decides to expand to 5MB+)?


Received on Friday, 25 October 2013 02:09:57 UTC