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Hi Emile,

the intent of this draft is not to discuss the actual mechanisms
but to advocate the need to have in 2.0 almost the same proxy features present in HTTP 1.1,
of course improved on all the different angles (i.e. security, performance, user benefits etc)

coming to the actual discovery mechanisms, the discovery has at least two aspects
- on one side the user has to be able to fetch all the info necessary to explicitly configure a Proxy when this is
present in the network; that means the user have to be able to explicitly consent to use the Proxy or eventually
bypass it.
For this we can work on fixing and improving proxy.pac and wpad; and/or we can also provide an ad-hoc mechanism
for mobile terminals attached to a telephone network

- on the other side the end user has to become aware, somehow, of the fact that the data have traversed a proxy;


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Hi Salvatore,
You say that the “actual discovery mechanism is not discussed in this draft”.  Is it definitively out of scope of the document ?

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Hi there,

we have just submitted a draft draft
that advocates the importance and the benefits that proxies can provide for HTTP/2.0
and aims to start a discussion on this topic within the HTTPBis wg

comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome
best regards

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Title:          Addressable Trusted Proxy in HTTP/2.0

Creation date:  2013-10-09

Group:          Individual Submission

Number of pages: 8





   This document defines and clarifies the role of proxies (aka

   intermediaries) in HTTP 2.0.  It aims to assure that HTTP 2.0

   contains the same proxy features present in HTTP 1.1.  It also

   defines HTTP 2.0 proxies and advocates the importance and the

   benefits that they can provide for HTTP 2.0.  This document aims to

   start the discussion within the HTTPBis wg.

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