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Hi everybody,

As we discussed in Berlin, any attempt that we make to improve security of the through greater use of encryption needs to consider the role of HTTP proxies. Based on various discussions and observations since then, I've started to write down some thoughts about the problems -- and potential solutions -- surrounding them. 

This is just a working document to help inform our discussions in Vancouver; any feedback would be most welcome, but please keep in mind its purpose is to start a discussion, not finish it.

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback -- whether or not I took it! -- and to those people who contributed by answering my (sometimes uninformed) questions.


P.S. I've attached a potentially friendlier HTML version for convenience. 
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> Abstract:
>   This document discusses the use and configuration of proxies in HTTP,
>   pointing out problems in the currently deployed Web infrastructure
>   along the way.  It then offers a few principles to base further
>   discussion upon, and lists some potential avenues for further
>   exploration.
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