Re: Questions about ALPN

On 2013/10/15 6:19, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> After our recent discussions, I went back and looked at the LC draft of ALPN:
> and noticed a few things.
> For a while now, we've been talking about using the ALPN string for more than just negotiation within TLS; possible uses include in the Upgrade "dance", in the Alt-Svc / Alternate-Protocol header, and possibly within DNS.
> However, the range of characters in an ALPN string is broad; in fact, UTF-8 is only a possibility:
> """
>     o  Identification Sequence: The precise set of octet values that
>        identifies the protocol.  This could be the UTF-8 encoding
>        [RFC3629] of the protocol name.
> """

I have no idea why arbitrary octet values would be needed here. If 
anybody knows, please explain.

I'm generally well known for strongly supporting UTF-8 in many places, 
but I have difficulties to see why we'd need anything but ASCII (without 
most punctuation,...) for something like protocol identifiers.

Regards,   Martin.

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