Re: Initiation rites (Re: run HTTP over UDP(HTTPP))

Grüße, Carsten:

Appreciate your feedback. "run HTTP over UDP" is not a news. Since about in
2000 year, some people has been trying to implement it.

Why can HTTP run over TCP only? No, HTTP just need a reliable transport.

HTTPP didn't mean run HTTP over raw UDP. We leverage UDT(UDP-based
transport) -

 And, HTTPP do not want to challenge the Traditional "HTTP over TCP" things
in a Client / Server arch.

 HTTPP intends to bring P2P Web. Nowadays, the mobile device has been a
powerful computer, like smart phone, tablet, etc. Why we only run a client
App on it, Why we not run a network server/service on it?

 So far, HTTPP is the basis of iWebPP (Instant Web P2P arch), that we did
announce before.

Best regards

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 5:47 PM, Carsten Bormann <> wrote:

> When I was younger, there was an initiation rite that everybody went
> through on the way to becoming a serious programmer:
> You had to invent your own "readable" syntax for LISP, because lots of
> silly parentheses obviously wasn't the way to go.
> You typically used your own invention for a while, and then, when you grew
> more mature, you noticed how stupid that whole thing was.
> Now, not that many people talk about LISP any more as the next big thing;
> S-expressions have been mostly replaced by XML.
> For a while, this kind of initiation rite then reappeared as inventing
> "readable" syntaxes for XML.
> Of course, by now not that many people talk about XML any more...
> Readable JSON syntaxes anyone?  OK, YAML actually did stick.  So that one
> is over, too.
> Nowadays, the next big thing seems to be "inventing" ways to run HTTP over
> UDP.
> Or, really, inventing crappy transport protocols over UDP for the sole
> purpose of running HTTP on top of them.
> Is there anything we need to add to the computer science curricula?
> Grüße, Carsten

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