Initiation rites (Re: run HTTP over UDP(HTTPP))

When I was younger, there was an initiation rite that everybody went through on the way to becoming a serious programmer:
You had to invent your own "readable" syntax for LISP, because lots of silly parentheses obviously wasn't the way to go.
You typically used your own invention for a while, and then, when you grew more mature, you noticed how stupid that whole thing was.

Now, not that many people talk about LISP any more as the next big thing; S-expressions have been mostly replaced by XML.
For a while, this kind of initiation rite then reappeared as inventing "readable" syntaxes for XML.
Of course, by now not that many people talk about XML any more...  
Readable JSON syntaxes anyone?  OK, YAML actually did stick.  So that one is over, too.

Nowadays, the next big thing seems to be "inventing" ways to run HTTP over UDP.
Or, really, inventing crappy transport protocols over UDP for the sole purpose of running HTTP on top of them.

Is there anything we need to add to the computer science curricula?

Gre, Carsten

Received on Sunday, 28 October 2012 09:47:58 UTC