Re: WGLC issue: (minor?) scope of client/server attributes (specifically: downgrades) in p1

Hi Mark,

On 10/25/12 01:56 AM, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> No - HTTP/1.0 is backwards-compatible with 1.1. There is not interoperability problem, because it still works.

sorry, now you've lost me. The whole point of the downgrades is corner case 
handling, iiuc.

 > --- 8< ---
 > 2.6. Protocol Versioning
 > [...]
 > An HTTP client MAY send a lower request version if it is known that
 > the server incorrectly implements the HTTP specification, but only
 > after the client has attempted at least one normal request and
 > determined from the response status or header fields (e.g., Server)
 > that the server improperly handles higher request versions.
 > --- 8< ---

At any rate, I don't have any personal interest in this topic, so I'm fine with 
leaving it as it is. But I still believe that it would be a good idea to define 
the scope for downgrades as for upgrades.

Thank you, Nils

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