New I-D: RESTauth (forget GSS)

Well, I've re-written REST-GSS as RESTful authentication but without
reference to GSS.  Those of you who panned GSS will be glad to see
that the new I-D is much simpler than the old one, no doubt.

It's not close to complete, of course, but I'll be polishing it off in
the next couple of weeks.  In particular I want to make sure to
complete sections on how to adapt existing authentication mechanisms
from SSHv2, IKEv2, SASL, GSS, and others into RESTauth, partly to
ensure that there's a large array of usable mechanism specifications,
and partly to showcase the ease with which mechanisms can be
added/adapted to RESTauth.

You can find the I-D here:


Received on Saturday, 11 August 2012 07:40:59 UTC