Re: Straw-man for our next charter

On 7/25/12 12:36 PM, "Eric J. Bowman" <> wrote:

>Mark Nottingham wrote:
>> The resulting specification(s) are expected to be meet these goals
>> for common existing deployments of HTTP; in particular, Web browsing
>> (desktop and mobile), Web serving (at a variety of scales), and
>> intermediation (by proxies, corporate firewalls, "reverse" proxies
>> and Content Delivery Networks).
>Please change "CDNs" to "caches" to avoid confusion over whether we're
>talking about a new architectural style.  "Caches" can include CDNs,
>but CDNs does not include the shared-cache architecture which got the
>Web where it is.

If we want to refine Mark's text that then equating a CDN to a cache is
not accurate.  Today's CDNs do cache, but they more importantly provide
acceleration, optimized routing, security, edge logic, content assembly,
and content modification just to name a few.  Rather than open that can of
worms, I think keeping CNDs in the proposed straw-man text would be

Alternatively, we drop the parenthetical list and just go with


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