Re: Using HTTP Trailers [was: Content-Integrity header]

We can also define a new content encoding for integrity check.

It's easy to program an individual content encoding (if it focuses on
just one thing), and it's easy to compose different content encodings.
For example, in Java servlet API, integrity check can be easily
implemented as a filter, and it's easy to install the filter.

The overhead of extra framing due to new content encoding should be marginal.

On "Transfer-Encoding: chunked": Its primary function was to mark the
end of message. While it's tempting to piggyback other features on it,
the lack of support of chunk-extension and trailer suggests that the
complexity they introduce exceeds what engineers are willing to
handle. I think we should leave it at that - the sole function of
chunking is to mark end of message; don't stuff other features in it.

Zhong Yu

Received on Wednesday, 11 July 2012 07:51:51 UTC