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On 2012-07-11 01:54, Robert Brewer wrote:
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> Yes, the server also needs to establish a base URI for POST entities. It's just not as clear-cut what that base should be for POST; for example, lots of resources have been designed as a collection to which one POSTs an item which then exists at a different URL chosen by the server. So the option of using the Request-URI isn't as obvious as it is for PUT, and it seems more natural to assume the server must decide and describe some application-specific default.
> The base URI of a GET response is so obviously the Request-URI, it's a bit surprising that for some reason that hasn't been as obvious for the base URI of a PUT request, given their semantic symmetry. Is there any use case (or even any facility) to have the base URI of a PUT request be some other URI? Can you return 201 Created with a Location of some other URI for PUT? If not, then it's a bit misleading to say "An HTTP request representation is always associated with an anonymous resource."
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Again, the difference is that the text describes the properties of the 
message. Until the PUT has succeeded we can't say what the associated 
resource is.

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