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More honest implementation of decentralized XMPP would be the good 
start. I mean honest as in avoid 0-point-botnets and more physicality to 

Some implement streams where you have to subscribe to each one, with 
hidden expectation to offload compute "payload". Some others implement 
servers that subscribe to those streams to compute that payload and 
combine those streams into customizable stream aggregates. When they try 
to offload the "payload" again from the aggregates, they get overly 
aggressive "botnets".

People have tried to avoid the botnets and go more direct to the API of 
those servers and discoverable resources. That's where we have mapped 
you... X

X only wants to allow Y and Z transversal with optional map of U and V. 
In fact, YUV is already standard.

On 05/13/2011 12:01 PM, Arun Ranganathan wrote:
> Problems along the way was an elaborate discussion of why we 
> specifically didn't reuse an existing scheme.

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