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On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 6:13 AM, Julian Reschke <>wrote:

> Hi there,
> ..trying to do some cherry-picking...:
> On 13.12.2010 10:06, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>> ...
>>  I agree that RFC2047 style encoding shouldn't be supported, and I'm
IMHO, we have to base our decision on this issue with what web servers
actually emit these days. I meant to collect the stat on C-D header fields
 a long time ago, but haven't managed to do that.

> ambivalent about RFC5987. RFC2231/5987 is a step in the wrong
>>> direction (opaque encoding for something that doesn't need it), but
>>> given that IETF won't cease pushing it, we might as well implement it
>>> and be more compatible with Firefox, if not the Web.
That's why I had resisted RFC 5987 for rather long while, but 'Chrome' 'gave
in' and implemented it. :-)

>  > ...
> RFC 2047 encoding is currently only done in Firefox (for which I raised a
> bug report a few months ago) and Chrome. For the latter I just raised <
>>; maybe we can
> make some progress on getting rid of this.

Before rushing to remove it (as an optional 'fallback') , I'd like to have
some 'numbers' about what web servers do (FYI, some Google products emit RFC
2047 for Firefox and Chrome at the moment, but I guess Google has to switch
over to RFC 5987 for Firefox and Chrome). I'm not sure whether the cost of
supporting it is larger than the benefit.


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