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Adam, do you have a proposal?


On 09/11/2010, at 12:53 PM, Mark Nottingham wrote:

> Given that we currently have at least two vendors (probably more, I'm just going by public information) working on implementing the draft now (at least partly triggered by us going to WGLC), and it's possible we'll get feedback from them, I'm inclined to pause for a *small* number of weeks, to see if we can learn anything else. 
> During that time, Adam can come up with a proposal for error handling, which we'll consider at the end of that period. 
> Adam, you can do that either openly on the mailing list, or as a design team (i.e., work with other interested parties separately and bring a proposal forward when you think you're ready). I'd encourage you to do it openly on the list, to get constructive feedback from others as you go (thereby increasing your chances of delivering something people will accept). However, if Adam does this, I'd ask people not to question *why* it's being done. 
> If it's done in time, and if we gather consensus on it, it can go into C-D as an optional appendix. If it's not ready in time, it can be published (by the WG or separately) on its own. Likewise, if the WG doesn't gain consensus on it, it can be published individually (in the IETF or elsewhere). 
> Right now, I'm thinking three weeks -- November 30th (coincidentally, my birthday). This will give us time to re-publish, gain consensus (or not) and go to IETF Last Call by the end of the year.

Mark Nottingham

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