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> On 13.11.2010 02:04, Adrien de Croy wrote:
>> Is this Refresh header (which isn't in HTTP, so surely should be
>> X-Refresh?) legit? Is it supported?
> As far as I can tell, the right thing to do is to write a short Internet Draft specifying the syntax and the semantics and registering it. Bonus points for discussing alternate approaches (Retry-After, Redirects), and the connection to HTML...

Content for helping with the writing. There are implications for caches, accessibility, usability, plus I guess a few funky rules for parsing. 
The producer must be strict if defined, but we have to be careful with the parsing.

History of refresh techniques

Accessibility Issues
And the way to disable it in Firefoxv3

On wikipedia

A W3C QA tip, recommending other practices

Refresh in html5

It's available in IIS

Permanent redirect and Refresh

It seems Firefox and IE take " " in addition of ";" as a separator for the META to be tested on http headers too

Mechanize, a python lib is implementing it

Issues with Mobile Best Practices
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