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Filename:	   draft-lee-httpext-metadata
Version:	   00
Staging URL:	   http://www.ietf.org/staging/draft-lee-httpext-metadata-
Title:		   A New Header For Metadata Exchange
Creation_date:	   2010-06-25
WG ID:		   Individual Submission
Number_of_pages: 11
This document provides a mechanism by which web servers can provide
metadata of a web resource which is indicated by a URL.  The web client
like web browser can use this metadata to filter out unwanted web resource
or link to itself.  In addition, the web client can take advantage of such
metadata to provide high-level services like displaying additional
information about the web resource without downloading it.  We expect this
mechanism to enable quick access to metadata of any web resource from any
web client reduces overall web traffic remarkably.

Submitter: Moon-Sang Lee (sang0627.lee@samsung.com)

Moon-Sang Lee, sang0627.lee@samsung.com

Jung-Lok Yu, junglok.yu@samsung.com

Thank you!

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