Re: clarity needed for browser behaviors when receiving 206 status codes

* Marques Johansson wrote:
>The HTTP specification for ranges does not deal with a few range
>related matters that I encountered while attempting to create a
>streaming video script.
>How can servers inform clients that all requests must be made with
>ranges specified?

As far as byte ranges are concerned, if the server is willing to accept
a range request for the "whole" resource, then the server should not in-
sist on the client making a range request. If it is not then the server
would need to tell the client what ranges are available, but that seems
to be more a 300 Multiple Choices kind of situation.

>How should a client or server respond when the server is not willing
>to fulfill the entire range requested by the client?

That depends on why it is not willing and possibly what could sway the
server to satisfy the request. Payment Required, Service Unavailable,
Unauthorized, and so on. In doubt 403 Forbidden with an Accept-Ranges
header in the response and a suitable entity body would seem sensible;
that also goes for your first question.
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