RE: Fwd: I-D Action:draft-loreto-http-timeout-00.txt

> Adrien writes:
> I don't see what the difference is between a new proxy connection
> returning a 504 (e.g. the proxy can't connect to the server) vs proxy
> reporting 504 connection aborted on an old connection before the proxy
> could send the request to the server.

That's not the scenario that this mechanism seeks to avoid.  The idea is that a new connection is less likely to time out during the (non-idempotent) request than one that has been sitting idle for a while.  This is a hop-by-hop thing.  

Obviously, if the request was going to fail anyway (at any hop), there's no gain.
> > To the extent that it ensures that the connection remains open, sure.
> You still need to know when the 1xx is required.
> >
> Sure, that could use the same heuristics at the server that a client
> would use.

We seek to do away with such heuristics.  They are brittle and inefficient.

> Adrien

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