Re: proposal for issue #178

tis 2010-06-08 klockan 00:17 +1200 skrev Adrien de Croy:

> I don't see any point in having an integrity check for a message 
> containing only a partial range.  Surely you want to accumulate the 
> entire entity by piecing together all the parts, and then you use the 
> MD5 to check the total.

My view also, but others have read it differently in past, and the spec
is ambigious on which reading is right with a bit blurred definition of
206, response entity, full response entiry and partial response entity.

But as far as I know there has been only one actual server
implementation using the Content-MD5 on the partial response entity and
it's no longer sending Content-MD5 in 206 responses.  Unknown if there
is any client implementation using it, or even other server
implementations making use of Content-MD5 at all.

> On that note I don't see any point in range extensions either, other 
> than to make the job of intermediaries impossible.

Do you refer to the non-linear data discussion some many months ago


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