Re: http progress notification

tis 2010-05-25 klockan 16:15 +1200 skrev Adrien de Croy:
> We've made some more great progress with testing on this, which has lead 
> to a fairly major change in the structure of information passed back by 
> servers.

Looks good to me. Some comments

Maybe add an optional Progress request header, allowing client to
indicate for example how frequent it desires to get progress updates.
But probably overkill as the clients needing this most also is low
bandwidth clients and adding a header like this for those is

I also thought about perhaps an explicit note to not respond with 102 if
the request was HTTP/1.0. But this should not be needed today. As far as
I know all HTTP/1.0 proxies deployed today support the Connection

"OK" is maybe not the most appropriate status code description, and
confusingly similar to 200.. "Progress" or "Info" perhaps?

Something which may require some additional thought is how to handle
chains of proxies using Progress. For example Client <-> Transforming
proxy <-> AV Proxy <-> Server. How should an intermediary forward
progress information when it is itself also buffering and processing the

And another use case to cover for progress notifications is when
intermediaries buffer the request before forwarding causing delays in
request forwarding which in effect looks the same as delays in request.


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