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"Apparently, there are only two hard problems in computer science: cache 
invalidation and the naming of things (or so Phil Karlton’s dictum 
goes). Earlier this month, we invited representatives of Twitter, 
Facebook, SproutCore, Palm’s webOS, Microsoft’s “Office On The Web”, 
Yahoo, and Google to talk to us about the former problem (amongst other 
things), though we also learned something about the latter.

Caching is an important issue to get right on the web, not least of all 
because of the proliferation of web applications on mobile devices. The 
goals of our caching summit were to identify use cases that would help 
us move forward with caching and with HTTP request efficiency. How 
desirable was rolling up our sleeves to look at HTTP/1.1 Pipelining in 
Firefox, for instance? What else was needed at the HTTP layer? And was 
the vaunted HTML5 AppCache, implemented in Firefox 3.5 onwards, actually 
useful to developers? What else needed to be exposed to web 
applications, either within content or via additional headers?


Received on Tuesday, 4 May 2010 15:28:02 UTC