Re: clarification of 7.2.2. Monitoring Connections for Error Status Messages

tis 2010-04-20 klockan 01:54 -0700 skrev Wenbo Zhu:

> IMO, early non-error response does seem to violate the basic RPC
> scheme that is assumed in HTTP. From reading the charter of this WG, I
> am not sure if we choose to allow, explicitly, such interaction
> semantics, will it introduce any incompatibility?

Any change which will REQUIRE clients to continue sending their request
body even after the server have responded will introduce

> Non-error status doesn't necessarily guarantee a complete/successful
> response, e.g. server processing, networking may fail any way.. The
> real issue is that clients/proxies alike need be prepared to receive
> responses when requests are still under transmission.

Which most do.

But they also must be prepared to continue sending the request, which is
not in line with current specifications.


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