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> I think it would be helpful to have an example with an explicit port number. Also, the proposed text refers to 'host name', which isn't quite right.

Ack. Update at 
Now uses "authority" instead of "host":

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4.3.  Effective Request URI

    The term "Effective Request URI" is introduced in order to abstract
    away the various syntactical forms a request can take.

    If the request-target is an absolute-URI, then the Effective Request
    URI is the request-target. [[effrequri-scheme: What about the case
    where the given scheme name and the transport disagree?  What if
    actual and specified port disagree? --jre]]

    If the request-target uses the path-absolute (plus optional query)
    syntax, then the Effective Request URI is constructed by

    o  the scheme name: "http" if the request was received over an
       insecure TCP connection, or "https" when received over SSK/
       TLS-secured TCP connection, [[effrequri-othertransports: Need to
       mention other future transports here? --jre]]

    o  the character sequence "://",

    o  the authority component, as specified in the Host header
       (Section 9.4) and determined by the rules in Section 4.2,
       [[effrequri-nohost: How do we deal with undefined hosts? --jre]]

    o  the request-target obtained from the Request-Line.

    Otherwise, when request-target is an asterisk ("*") or uses the
    authority form, the Effective Request URI is undefined.

    Example: the Effective Request URI for the message

      GET /pub/WWW/TheProject.html HTTP/1.1

    (received over an insecure TCP connection) is "http", plus "://",
    plus the authority component "", plus the
    request-target "/pub/WWW/TheProject.html", thus

    [[effrequri-compare: Need to declare comparison?  Can we re-use the
    comparison defined in Section 2.6.3? --jre]]
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