Re: Issue 196, was: #110: how to determine what entity a response carries

On 14.04.2010 17:17, Julian Reschke wrote:
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> The reason for this is that with the currently proposed definition,
> "Effective Request Target" is undefined for certain requests, such as
> when request-target is "*" or just an authority component.
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Related to that, 

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If a proxy receives a request without any path in the request-target and 
the method specified is capable of supporting the asterisk form of 
request-target, then the last proxy on the request chain MUST forward 
the request with "*" as the final request-target.

For example, the request


would be forwarded by the proxy as


after connecting to port 8001 of host "".
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But what if the method does not support the asterisk? What is supposed 
to happen for:

   GET HTTP/1.1


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