Re: header parsing, trailing OWS

Julian Reschke wrote:
> "A field value MAY be preceded by optional whitespace (OWS); a single SP 
> is preferred. The field value does not include any leading or trailing 
> white space: OWS occurring before the first non-whitespace character of 
> the field value or after the last non-whitespace character of the field 
> value is ignored and SHOULD be removed without changing the meaning of 
> the header field."
> I think what we really should say is that they MAY be removed before 
> passing the field-value to a specific header parser, thus definitions of 
> headers MUST NOT make the presence of trailing/leading whitespace 
> semantically significant.

Should proxies edit the leading or trailing OWS before forwarding headers?

-- Jamie

Received on Saturday, 26 September 2009 14:42:30 UTC