Re: Issue 194: restricting allowed characters in quoted-pair

fre 2009-09-25 klockan 14:40 +0200 skrev Julian Reschke:

> - whether that's purely advisory or a requirement (SHOULD?), I lean to 
> the former, and


\ quoting more than needed is not an error, but not recommended as some
applications may not understand \ quoting...

> - where exactly to state it, as quoted-pair is used both inside 
> quoted-string and comment, and the characters that need escaping thus 
> differ; one way to fix this would be to change the ABNF so "comment" 
> gets it's own quoted-cpair rule.

Just a general statement that the producer SHOULD NOT \ quote other
characters than the reserved ones for the type of data produced (comment
or quoted-string).

There is no need to overdo this, and absolutely no reason to complicate
the BNF for it.


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