RE: #197: Effect of CC directives on history lists

mån 2009-09-21 klockan 10:05 -0500 skrev Brian Smith:
> Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> > But this part of the specifications should only be advisory and best
> > practice recommendation, giving browsers permission to bypass freshness
> > controls on accesses due to history navigation, not a strict
> > requirement on implementaitons to do exactly this.
> Why does the HTTP specification even need to mention history lists.
> The vast majority of HTTP caches do not even maintain history lists.
> The ones that do (built into browsers) will design their history list
> mechanism according to their own security & performance goals. Plus,
> as Henrik noted previously, there's a lot more to a browser history
> list than caching the HTTP request/response (ActiveX/plugin state,
> Javascript state, SVG animation state, Javascript APIs for controlling
> history, etc.)

It's an explicit freedom to disregard HTTP freshness controls in history
buffers and the like.

But yes, the fine details there belongs more in a browser profile
specification than the HTTP specifications as such.


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