Re: Input on request for link relation

On 9/11/09 11:52 AM, Kris Zyp wrote:
> But SIP is not a polling protocol is it? Is there something about SIP
> that is more "monitor-ish" than pubsubhubbub that necessitates a new
> relation name? And if so, how do I determine which relation name
> should be used for servers that connect to Dojo clients to send
> notifications?

SIP uses RFC 3265 for these kinds of things. RFC 3265 allows for both 
polling and long-running subscriptions (although the polling isn't used 
anywhere near as often as the long-running subscriptions).

The intention of draft-roach-sip-http-subscribe-02 was that the 
"monitor" link relation was to be used for both polling *and* passive 
mechanisms. I don't want to get hung up too much on the term "monitor" 
and what it may or may not imply about who initiates the transaction 
that results in someone knowing about a change.


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