Re: #172 (take over HTTP Upgrade Token Registry) – httpbis

lör 2009-08-15 klockan 22:13 +0200 skrev Julian Reschke:

> ...broken in that the value to be registered isn't "1", right?


> Citing the registration procedure:
> >    6.  The responsible party for the first registration of a "product"
> >        token MUST approve later registrations of a "version" token
> >        together with that "product" token before they can be registered.
> ...which licenses the registration of just a token.

Which is entirely in order here I think. But would probably be enforced
anyway if there was expert review requirements for registering
product/version pairs.

> So it seems the registry can take both.


> My proposal thus is to instruct IANA to change the registry to:
> Value      Description                  Reference
> HTTP       Hypertext Transfer Protocol  [RFC2616]
> TLS/1.0    Transport Layer Security     [RFC2817]
> WebSocket  WebScocketProtocol           [draft-hixie-thewebsocketprotocol]

+1, with a little spellcheck 

WebSocket   The Web Socket protocol      [draft-hixie-thewebsocketprotocol]

Regarding TLS that protocol is already at revision 1.2, and by the time
someone actually tries to use HTTP Upgrade for the purpose it's probably
some revisions later... but I doubt the registry will be updated even if
people starts to use TLS/1.2.


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