Re: Update on issue 155 (Content Sniffing)

tor 2009-07-30 klockan 13:28 +0200 skrev Julian Reschke:

> "Note that neither the interpretation of the data type of a message nor 
> the behaviors caused by it are defined by HTTP; this potentially 
> includes examination of the content to override any indicated type 
> ("sniffing")."
> The proposal is to remove this altogether.


We tell the media type of the message data (if any known) indicating how
it should be interpreted. After that it's the user-agents responsibility
to deal with it respectfully for display or whatever purpose. This is
obvious and non-controversial but also completely unneeded to state
here. The second part that mentions sniffing is just bad as it kind of
implies that general sniffing is allowed which is not what we intend
(but also none of our business).


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