Re: p1-message-07 S 7.1.4

On 7/21/09 6:30 PM, Adrien de Croy wrote:
> There are many reasons in here why it's not commercially desirable to 
> open many many connections.
I've always wondered why this is in the specification at all as a limit. 
As we all know, and this thread has shown, there are pros and cons to 
different approaches and different contexts change that math.

It really has very limited (if any) relevance to interop, and the 
existing "2-per" rule is widely ignored (imo both because it is 
unreasonable for many current contexts and because it really has little 
impact on interop). I would favor just dropping the requirement and 
replacing it with some non-normative language briefly discussing the 
implications of high or low levels of parallelism vs pipelining. I know 
I've ignored this requirement in the past without regret.

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