Re: Proposed resolution for Issue 13 (language tags)

Julian Reschke wrote:
> OK,
> thanks for all the feedback so far. I (hopefully) have addressed many of 
> the issues; here's the new proposed text for 3.5:
> ...

We stopped to discuss this 
(<>) 15 months ago; 
in the meantime RFC4646bis went through many revisions, and now is 
approved and in the RFC Editor queue.

I have updated the proposed change for HTTPbis Part 3 accordingly; see 

The full text now would read:

2.4.  Language Tags

    A language tag, as defined in [RFC4646bis], identifies a natural
    language spoken, written, or otherwise conveyed by human beings for
    communication of information to other human beings.  Computer
    languages are explicitly excluded.  HTTP uses language tags within
    the Accept-Language and Content-Language fields.

    In summary, a language tag is composed of one or more parts: A
    primary language subtag followed by a possibly empty series of

      language-tag = <Language-Tag, defined in [RFC4646bis], Section 2.1>

    White space is not allowed within the tag and all tags are case-
    insensitive.  The name space of language subtags is administered by
    the IANA (see

    Example tags include:

      en, en-US, es-419, az-Arab, x-pig-latin, man-Nkoo-GN

    See [RFC4646bis] for further information.

I understand that back in April 2008 we still discussed various details, 
such as

1) The exact wording of the "summary",
2) whether we're referring the right ABNF production (does it need to be 
  "obs-language-tag" instead, or both), and
3) the examples

(the discussion is archived around 

I'd really like to close this one finally, so feedback from the language 
tag experts would be appreciated.

BR, Julian

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