Re: Use of Link rel+type for application discovery

Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote:
> In Link headers / elements, the 'rel' attribute defines the relationship and the 'type' attribute provides a hint regarding the content type of the destination resource. Is it correct to assume that while 'type' does not define a relationship (as in, 'image/*' means 'my pictures'), applications may require that both the 'rel' and 'type' attribute carry a certain value when used.
> In other words, is it valid to say "look for a link with rel='a' and type='b' and only if both found, do something"?

That seems to be a valid approach for an application to take, but one 
can also argue that the rel type might be sufficient. How many HTML link 
headers bother to include type="text/css" alongside rel="stylesheet"? 
Without checking my guess is that browsers will all-but ignore the type. 
The same won't be true for other rel types.

> I assume yes, but want to make sure this does not violate anyone's view on the use of 'type' in a MUST match criteria.

Valid at the application level, but as it's a hint, then it really can't 
be more than a MAY at documentation level IMO.


Phil Archer

Received on Thursday, 22 January 2009 13:37:37 UTC