Status update / San Francisco meeting / etc.

First of all, happy new year.

For those who are curious about the promised drafts, we're talking  
longer than we anticipated to get those out the door.

Additionally, there has been some confusion and dismay about the  
publication of RFC5378, which apparently has the effect of requiring  
specific rights to be granted by the authors of any contribution (e- 
mail, I-D, RFC or otherwise) before November 10th, 2008.

Understandably, this affects us more than most other Working Groups,  
so it's likely that we won't publish another draft until the situation  
is clarified. Those interested can follow the (extensive) discussion  
on the "main" list < 
 >. A good starting point is < 

In the meantime, the editors will still be working on the drafts.

Finally, I'm going to request a meeting in San Francisco < 
 >. Much as with the Dublin meeting, the purpose will be to  
synchronise and discuss our work with the greater IETF.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Friday, 16 January 2009 03:22:25 UTC