Re: Content Sniffing impact on HTTPbis - #155

* Mark Baker wrote:
>Separately, as an editorial comment, as listed directly above, I'd
>like to see a big s/resource/resource representation/g (or just
>s/resource/representation/g as the resource is what is identified by
>the URI, not the bag-o-bits returned in an HTTP response.

When people pack their bag, they rarely arrange the items in a se-
quential order. A bag is typically a synonym for a multiset, which
is usually not ordered either. So this is not a bag of bits.

The current draft uses the term "resource" in several senses. Where
it is meant to refer to a bit stream, neither resource nor represen-
tation is appropriate; neither term makes it clear which bit stream
it referred to, e.g., whether content encodings are removed or not.
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