non CHAR characters in headers

I'm seeing a response from a server where the Content-Type value is not 

the bytes are 0xFF 0xD0 0xFE etc.

This is illegal correct?  I thought if unicode were being put into 
headers, it needs to be encoded according to one of several standards 
e.g. RFC 2047.  There's no "=?" in there anywhere.

What is a proxy supposed to do in such cases?  There's no information 
upon which to assume the proper format of the value.  I see 4 options.

1. pass bytes through as is and let the client deal with it.
2. strip the header
3. block  the response with an error
4. try and convert.

I'm currently using option 1.  Is this deemed problematic?



Adrien de Croy - WinGate Proxy Server -

Received on Friday, 12 June 2009 05:28:17 UTC