How legal is this HTTP header (1.1)?


I order to try to find a way to catch one resource partially from 
several locations I constructed this header:

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Content-type: multipart/parallel; boundary="ping"
Content-length: 2048;
Accept-Ranges: bytes;

Content-Id: Part1-ID
Content-Range: bytes 0-511/2048
Content-Encoding: base64

Content-Id: Part2-Identifier
Content-Range: bytes 512-1023/2048
Content-Location: http://sas4.domain.ext/resource/part2
Content-Id: Part3-SomeRandom
Content-Range: bytes 1024-1535/2048
Content-Location: http://sas2.domain.ext/resource/part3
Content-Id: Part4-Reference

My question is if this Header would be accepted within the current 
specification (from HTTP 1.1?)? If not, is there any thing I could 
consider reconstructing to DO fit within the specs (and have the same 

Thanks in advance,

Robert de Wilde

Received on Thursday, 11 June 2009 10:09:06 UTC