Re: Proposal: 205 Bodies [#88]

Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> ...
> Big objection.  205 was added late in the process of 2068 and
> could not be grandfathered into the message parsing algorithm
> as yet another (bad) exception.  The requirement that 205 not
> include an entity means that the message-body MUST be of zero size
> (i.e., Content-Length must be supplied with a value of 0
> or Transfer-Encoding chunked is used with a zero-length chunk).
> Hence, it is correct as specified, albeit confusing.  It will
> be less confusing when the terminology is cleaned up.
> ...

Yes, I was wondering about that (and duplicated language about special 
cases in Part 1 & 2).

So, shouldn't we change part of the description for status 205 from

	"The response MUST NOT include an entity."


	"The response MUST include a zero-length entity."


BR, Julian

Received on Monday, 8 June 2009 10:44:33 UTC